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    "Life Made Easy | Love this so much, no more struggling to scrub my fans clean, its made my life a lot easier. Thank you x" - A.B

    Number of Blades

    Do you have white/light coloured fans and just want to be able to clean them quickly and easily without adding any colour to the fan? 

    Then these are for you. 

    Our White Mesh can barely be seen once on but will make cleaning the fan blades so easy.


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    Our Fan Friends ceiling fan blade covers are the easy fan cleaning solution you've been looking for!

    Made from a stretch fabric, designed to hug your blade for a snug fit, they are easily put on and taken off the fan, making cleaning that dusty ceiling fan a breeze!

    Our mesh range are made from a see-through fabric, designed to be barely noticed on the fans, but still making that all important task of cleaning so easy.

    • Available in sets of 3 or 4
    • To purchase single blade covers in our neutrals range click HERE
    • Fabric : Nylon Elastane
    • Every effort is made to provide accurate images of each product’s colour, however, actual colours may vary, due to different device screen settings.

    Our fan covers are designed to fit fan blades 50cm in length and 13cm wide.

    If your blades are a different size, contact us and we can help you with a custom order.


    All orders, excluding custom orders, are dispatched next business day.


    All other orders have 2 shipping rate options :

    $10 Parcel Post with tracking

    $15 Express Shipping with tracking


    What is the Fan Fit Guarantee?

    Here at Fan Friends we know it can be tricky when buying things online so we guarantee that if your fan blades are 50cm long and 13cm wide that our fan covers will fit!

    If you have a custom order with us, we also guarantee that the covers we make for you will fit the dimensions you send to us.

    What if they don't fit?

    In the unlikely event that they don't fit, you can send them back to us (at our cost) and we will make them to fit your fans.

    For more information on our Fan Fit Guarantee, see our Fan Fit Guarantee Page.



    Fan Friends is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, that’s why we offer a 7-day returns policy.

    Simply contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.


    Our fan covers come with a 12-month warranty, effective from the date of purchase.

    For more information on our Warranty & Returns click HERE

    CARE & USE

    With a little bit of care, your Fan Friends will last you a long time!

    Before placing on your fan blades, ensure that your fan is clean and dry.

    Slip the fan blade cover over the blade and secure the elastic cuff at the end, repeat for each blade turning the seam edge to face the ceiling. Your Fan Friends are now ready!

    Once a month carefully remove the cover, inverting as you remove to keep the dust on the inside.  Shake the dust off, wash in a garment bag, dry in the shade and put back on the fan! Easy!

    Check out our video to see it in action.


    Why Use Fan Friends?

    People use our Fan Friends for different reasons, here are just a few!

    * They make cleaning quick and easy (who doesn’t want that?)

    * They’re washable, reusable and designed to last wash after wash.

    * They will cover up old, rusty, paint pealed fans saving you the cost of replacing them.

    * They keep newer fans looking that way!

    * Did we mention they make cleaning super easy??

    What's the difference between Neutral, Solid Colours and Patterns?

    Our Neutral Range is made from a see-through stretch mesh fabric.  These are designed to blend in with your ceiling fan colour as, being a mesh fabric, you will be able to see the fan through the fabric.  Perfect if you want an easy cleaning solution without changing the colour of your fan.  

    Our Solid Colours and Patterns are made from fabrics that you will not be able to see the fan blades through. People choose each range for different reasons. We recommend darker colours/designs for damaged/rusted edge fan blades.

    If you don’t have rust/damage on your fans and want a more subtle cover than the Neutral Range will work for you. However, if your fans are a little older and you want to cover rusty edges, or want a bolder, brighter look then the Solid Colours or Patterns are for you.

    Can you make me Fan Friends from licensed fabric? ie Star Wars, Anime, Bluey.

    Unfortunately not. Licensed fabrics have copyright and trademark rules that involve all sorts of complex legalities. As a result, we are unable to use these fabrics in our collection. This includes the use of ‘Fan Art’ fabrics.

    Do I have to remove the covers when I use the fan?

    Absolutely not!  Fan Friends are made for a sung fit on your fan blade and have an elastic cuff to hold on tight even when your fan is on full blast!

    For more frequently asked questions, click HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    John Hussey
    Quality product

    Well made

    Kira H.
    Elevated Office Space with White Mesh Fan Covers

    I am loving how clean and sleek my office space fan looks with these mesh fan blade covers!

    Lisa Griffiths
    Another awesome product

    I was so impressed with my first purchase i've returned to get these mesh covers. WOW - super impressed. I now have both styles and am very happy with the products. Definitely recommend and will repurchase. Saves me so much time on cleaning.

    Amanda Body
    Life Made Easy

    love this so much, no more struggling to scrub my fans clean, its made my life a lot easier. Thank you x

    BA Australia
    Love them

    I've been eyeing off Fan Friends for quite some time, and finally, purchased about 10-11 sets in different patterns. They are all great and we receive a lot of comments on them.
    Some of the fabrics are harder to pull on than others and required two of us to get them on, but all in all we are very happy with them and this mesh fabric was easy to pull on. I agree with another comment that if you buy the mesh one's it should be for newer fans and not picked to cover up old fan blades.
    Thank you

    Lorraine P
    Product great to look at and fits well with decor

    After the initial issues with fitting the covers, these were a positive addition.




    These are amazing
    I have them in every fan in the house now


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