• Fit Fit Guarantee

    Fan Fit Guarantee  What is the Fan Fit Guarantee?

    Here at Fan Friends we know it can be tricky when buying things online so we guarantee that if your fan blades are 50cm long and 13cm wide that our fan covers will fit!

    If you have a custom order with us, we also guarantee that the covers we make for you will fit the dimensions you send to us.

    What if they don't fit?

    In the unlikely event that they don't fit, you can send them back to us (at our cost) and we will make them to fit your fans. 

    The Details..

    • Our fan covers are made from a stretch fabric.  To fit the cover on the blade it will require to be stretched.  The elastic cuff and fabric are very durable so give them a good stretch before putting them on the fan.  It is normal for the first use to be tight on the blade as the fabric relaxes during use. 
    • To make use of the Fan Friends Fan Fit Guarantee, contact us, or send an email to within 7 days of receiving your order.  Do not return your order to us without receiving a Return Authorisation Code.  Any items returned to us without prior authorisation will not have the return postage paid and could void the Fan Fit Guarantee.
    • The Fan Fit Guarantee does not apply if the covers are damaged in any way.  Please be aware that some ceiling fans have sharp blade edges and damaged caused by these sharp edges is not covered.
    • Replacement covers will be in the originally ordered design/colour unless this is not available.  If it is not available, another design/colour may be chosen.  If there is a difference in cost, this must be paid prior to the item being sent.
    • Exchanges/refunds for any other reason will be dealt with through our Returns Policy

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