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    Hi, Sarah here, creator and owner of Fan Friends.

    As a busy wife and mum of four teenage children, finding time to clean our ceiling fans were not high on my list of priorities. Adding to that, only being 158cm meant reaching them was also an issue!

    Whilst lying on my bed one afternoon looking at my neglected dust covered fan and my lack of enthusiasm about cleaning it. It got me thinking… “There has to be a solution to this??!!”

    I grew up watching my mum sew and my love for sewing was born at that early age.  I’ve always had a sewing machine on hand albeit neglected for a few years.

    With passion in my belly and a new drive to find a solution to my fan cleaning woes the sewing machine soon became a permanent feature on the dining table.

    After months of research, prototypes and I can’t tell you how many trips up and down the ladder trialing different designs I finally had one that worked!

    Fan Friends was born from what started out as an idea to solve cleaning my ceiling fans quickly become a product that could help so many people!

    Fan Friends is proudly Australian owned and operated with all our ceiling fan covers handmade right here in Brisbane. Our whole family is involved in running the business.  We truly appreciate each and every order we receive, and we can’t wait to see your new Fan Friends in action! 

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