• School Holiday Cleaning Tips

    June 06, 2024 2 min read

    Are school holidays making your head spin?
    We've got you covered with these handy tips when you have more hands at home. 
    TIP 1:
    Make it a challenge to see how many chores the kids can get completed in a certain amount of time? Or make it a game by playing alongside cleaning, for example if you're stripping the bed sheets to wash, make a cubby out of them before you put them into the machine.
    Not only will it entertain the kids, it will help to clean the home.
    TIP 2:
    Involve the kids wherever possible, for example, if you're up to putting new fan covers on, let them pick out their favourite prints.
    Installing the covers can be a fun activity for them that doesn't feel like chores. It's also a creative way to refresh your space on a budget. 
    Another simple idea for involving kids is to get them in on the task at hand, for example, if you need to clean the benches, get the kids to spray the disinfectant. It's this simple act that will keep them involved in mundane tasks.
    TIP 3:

    On rainy days, set up an indoor craft station and get the kids to design things around the house for you. For example, you could get them to create a new print for fan covers (I'd love to see them 😉) or maybe its a new tea towel design.

    If it's not an item around the home that could be seen as "boring" to them, encourage your kids to decorate their own iPad or tablet cover. It keeps little hands busy while adding a personal touch to items.

    TIP 4:
    Does anyone need help with extra hands for deeper cleaning tasks like windows or floors? Try trading your regular "go-to" incentives like TV time, in exchange for an afternoon of cleaning together.
    This will create some special bonding time while you check items off your to-do lists.
    I hope this has been helpful to survive school holidays of 2024.

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