• 5 Speed Cleaning Tips

    June 06, 2024 1 min read

    Let me share my top 5 hacks to speed clean in a flash as well as tips I use to keep me motivated throughout the year. 

    My top 5 hacks to speed clean in a flash:

    1. 5-minute pick up and put away
    2. Clean out the fridge, 
    3. Declutter counters, 
    4. Wipe down walls, 
    5. Vacuum floor

    There, the hardest part is done! Now sit back, relax, and admire your hard work. Don't you feel lighter already? 

    To keep the motivation going, focus on one small space at a time. Soon this whole house will sparkle and you'll wonder what you were stressed about! You've got this

    And remember to wash your Fan Friends. Pop them in the machine, peg them with your stainless steel pegs and once they are dry, slide them back on your fan. Easy Breezy!


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