• Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    June 06, 2024 2 min read

    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t do your spring cleaning now. 

    I know you’ve been neglecting your bathroom! It’s not the funnest of jobs, that’s for sure.

    So, I’ve put together 9 of my best bathroom and toilet cleaning tips to make things easier for you.

    🛀 Remove all bath towels and mats – pop them in the washing machine and do a thorough vacuum.

    🛀 I know it’s tempting to jump straight into cleaning with water or cleaner, but it’s best to do a dry clean first to remove dust from your surfaces.

    🛀 Now use your cleaner or water. Start at the top and work your way down – don’t be afraid to get it all over the floor, you can clean it up later!

    🛀 Get started on the toilet, everyone’s favourite. After your dry clean, add your cleaner to the toilet bowl and leave it to ‘marinate’. 😂

    🛀 Time for your shower and bath. I like to make my own homemade cleaner: fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar and a generous squirt of high-quality washing-up liquid. This might not be suitable for all bathrooms, so be sure to check your fixtures, fittings and tiles to see if it’s appropriate. If you can’t use it, any suitable cleaner will do. 

    Use one microfibre cloth for cleaning and scrubbing, then another one for polishing to give everything a stunner-shining look. Don’t forget to check your shower essentials to see what needs to be refilled.

    🛀 Next up is your counter and sink. Remove all items and even give them a wash if you like! Refill your soap if needed, and check your kid's toothbrushes if they need replacements

    Give your sink a good scrub, shining with a dry cloth at the end. And don't neglect your mirror.

    Clean this after your sink to avoid it getting splashed.
    🛀 Before heading back to the toilet, put your kettle on boil - trust me!
    Scrub your toilet bowl, but don’t flush yet. Spray your choice of cleaner (my DIY spray works for this too) onto a piece of toilet paper and wipe the outside of the toilet. The beauty of the toilet paper is you can flush it when you’re finished!
    🛀 But what about the toilet brush? You’ll love this tip! Place your toilet brush under the rim of the seat so that the head is over the toilet bowl. Pour some hot water over the brush head to disinfect it. Pop the kettle back in the kitchen and put it on to boil again.
    🛀 Now that your surfaces are spick and span, give your floor some much-needed attention. Sweep or vacuum, including the skirting boards and tiles, and give them a mop with boiling water and your favourite floor cleaner. 
    BONUS TIP: Finally, the most important part. Make yourself a well-deserved cuppa and put your feet up and relax while the floor dries! 🫖 Your towels and mats should also nearly be finished in the washing machine.
    And volia! There you have it, my top 10 tips for cleaning your bathroom. Why not make it into a fun activity and put on some of your favourite music or listen to an audiobook?

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