• 5 Most Hated Cleaning Jobs

    November 11, 2021 4 min read

    NOVEMBER, 2020

    The 5 most hated cleaning jobs

    We all have them…you know...those jobs that you know REALLY need done around the house, but you just keep
    putting off…
    Recently we asked our followers on Instagram what their most hated jobs were.
    Here’s the top 5 along with some pro tips on getting them
    done with ease!
    Let’s get to it!

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    5 Most Hated Cleaning Jobs

    1. The Oven

    On the top of the list was the oven! I’ll admit, it’s probably the one I put off the most too. Recently though it was in dire need, and I managed to persuade my oldest daughter to clean it for me (tip #1, get someone else to do it 🤣) Remove all racks and trays, I’ll tell you how to get them sparkling clean shortly. Make a paste from bi-carb and water and cover the stubborn baked on stuff with it. Allow to dry and then spray with vinegar. The fizzy chemical reaction helps loosen up gunky messes, then wipe away with a clean wet cloth. Be sure to rinse the oven well. Now for those racks….The quickest and easiest way I’ve found over the years is to pop them in the bath! Yep, you read that right, the bath. Place a towel or 2 on the bottom of your bath so that the racks don’t scratch it. Cover the racks with the hottest water you can get out of the tap and throw in a dishwashing tablet. Leave overnight and in the morning wipe clean, viola!

    2. The Shower

    The shower…a quick google will have you come up with dozens of ways to keep this clean, but there is one sure fire way! A squeegee! The reason our showers become grimy is because of the shower gels and soaps that we use, these splattering onto the glass/tiles cause that horrible build up. Keep a squeegee in the shower and before you get out, give the glass a quick spray with the shower head and run the squeegee over it. Now, if you’ve left your shower for a while and the buildup is quite bad, my go to is the bi-carb and water paste again, paste on the glass and once dry spray with the vinegar. Wipe excess off with a clean wet cloth and of course give it a little squeegee at the end!

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    3. Windows

    Windows…we all have them and love it when they are clean and streak free, but that’s not always easily done. A microfiber cloth is your best friend! There’s no need to spend a fortune on them but I do recommend getting 2. A cleaning cloth and a specific ‘glass’ cloth. Use one wet to clean the dirt off the glass and then dry with the dry glass cleaning cloth. There’s no need to use chemicals, water is your friend here. If like me, you’ve got more windows than you can tackle in one go, aim to clean 1 or 2 a week in your usual house clean. Before you know it you’ll have the whole house sparkling!

    4. Dusting

    Dusting – the dreaded dusting! Many years ago I heard something that changed my life (I’m serious!) Dust can’t collect under things that don’t move! I would spend so long removing everything from the table/shelves/cabinets and cleaning the surface to then put everything back. Then I realised that there’s no dust under the things I’m moving and I invested in a feather duster! A quick wipe around with the feather duster quickly and easily removed all the dust and I was done in next to no time. Inexpensive and easy to find, my feather duster gets a work out!

    5. Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans – let’s just say I’m not a ‘fan’ of cleaning ceiling fans! They collect so much dust, especially when they’re on 24/7. Now, if you’re reading this and looking at your fans covered in dust, there is a fairly simple way to clean them, albeit a little messy – wet wipes! Either a wet paper towel or baby wipes. Using something wet means that you will limit the dust falling off the fan as you clean it, however, I recommend putting down paper or a towel to catch any that does fall. Depending on when you last cleaned your fans it may take a few wipes to get all that caked on dust off, but once you’ve done it, you’ll be happy they’re clean! But what next? How can you keep them clean?

    Let me introduce Fan Friends. Australian made, washable ceiling fan blade covers that make cleaning a breeze!

    Simply slip the cover over your clean fan blade and leave on while the fan is in use. Once a month or so, remove the cover, inverting as you go so that any dust stays on the inside and not on your floor/bed! Shake the dust off and wash in a garment bag. Once dried they are ready to go back on the fan. Say goodbye to cleaning those ceiling fans and hello to stylish designs that suit your décor. How Fan-tastic is that!


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